Regular meeting was held on July 2

We held regular meeting at Fujimi Community Center Room B.
We welcomed four guests today.
Toastmaster of the Day: TM Katow
The Best Table Topics Speaker: TM Mchombo
The Best Evaluators: TM Sagawa and Kishigami
The Best Speaker: TM Taniguchi
☆Prepared Speaker's today☆
1st Speaker :TMSato
She achieved CC mannual project#2 "Organization "
Title was [Cry more]
2nd Speaker :TM Kannno
He achieved CC manual project#3 "Get to the point"
Title was [Silence is not a virtue]
3nd Speaker :TM Taniguchi
She achieved CC#5"Your Body Speaks"
Title [How to make your dream come true]
4th Speaker :TM Asaka
She achieved CC#5 "Your Body Speaks"
Title was[What did I lose?]
All speakers succeeded their projects and delivered the messages
based on their personal and precious episodes,giving us good and new
impression and tips.
☆Another news comments today☆
We have good news!!
One of our members, TM Mchombo achieved the "Advanced Communication Gold" Award.It recognized he succeeded Advanced communication tracks through performing his great presentation and efforts.Congratulations!!
メンバーのTM Mchomboが、アドバンスドコミュニケーションゴールド(ACG)の教育賞を達成しました。国際本部からの届く表彰とは別に、竹内会長よりクラブオリジナルの表彰も授与されました。上級コミュニケーショントラックスを見事に達成した証ですね。おめでとうございます!!

From July,we starts new toastmasters-year and new official team.
Today we began the regular meeting from the opening remarks from new president TM Takeuchi.
本日の通常例会も、メンバーと4名のゲスト のみなさんで、楽しい学びある例会となりました。
We always welcome guests please feel free to join our meeting if you feel sympathy with the words,''Communication ' 'Presentation' 'Leadership'' 'English' or so.

7月16日(土)14-16時@@ Atlas Edogawa #153
見学のお申込み・お問い合わせはこちらから Please contact us bellow.