Meeting Report on 9/1

We cosmos TMC had regular meetings on 1st,Sep.
Let me shortly report them below ;)

■Regular MTG on 1st Sep♯120

TMOD: TM Yuka 
Word of the day :TM Kunito

Best Speaker:TM Sam
Best Evaluator:TM Mineko
Best Table Topic Speaker:TM Ken

Best speaker,TM Sam's speech was full of his passion as the President of our club this year.
His speech title was "Cosmos - Best Toastmasters Club in the World". 

Best evaluator, TM Mineko was a first one in our club to evaluate a speech with our 
new education program,Pathways.
She evaluated our new member,TM Akiko's speech !

Best table topic speaker, Ken delivered well organized speech
even though it was a non-prepared one.


We had a good beginning of this month!

Also,We are waiting your challenge for join our mtg and 

learn public speech and leadership skills!!!

Please check the schedule and contact us anytime ;)

Meeting schedule