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The 187th Regularly Meeting was held and was very inspiring each other with 10-70 teeneger's!!

 The WORD of the Day : “ Responsible ”  

 All of members was trying to keep respomsible for using this WORD of the Day.

 Please join this refreshingtime , which is coming on 21t Aug!!

~コスモスTMC(トーストマスターズクラブ) 第187回定例会~




The 186th Regularly Meeting was held and completely refreshing!!

The 186th Regularly Meeting was held and New term has began since July. was completely refreshing!! 
Please join this enjoyable time , which is coming on 7th Aug!!

The WORD of the Day : “ empathetic ”  

~コスモスTMC(トーストマスターズクラブ) 第186回定例会~



Meeting Report of 184th Regular Meeting on June 19th, 2021

We had a regular meeting on ZOOM on 19th June.

We had one guest, Area Director, TM Jin.

Word of the day is "fulfil”.

We had last meeting during this term. We fulfilled today's meeting. 

2 speakers delivered their prepared speeches at the meeting.

Toastmaster of the day: TM Hida

He proceed this meeting smoothly. Great!

Best Speaker Award: TM  Hiroe

She talked about her experience as paper girl in Canada.

She delivered the newspaper until 5 am unlike other paper boy/girl.

She received warming message from anonymous person. 

There is someone who are watching her caring.

Best Table Topics Award: TM Jin

She answered the reason South Korea Idol go to Japanese Business Market.

Difficult Question! Good!

Best Evaluator Award: TM Fuyo

She evaluated  TM Hiroe.

She praised her story inspired the audience.

The next meeting will be held on ZOOM on July 3rd 2021.


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