Area26 Contest report

The day after Cosmos TMC contest, Area 26, which this club belongs, held a contest in Jiyugaoka.

TM Katow represented our clubs and competed with the contestants from other clubs.

As a result, He won the English contest, so he was elected to the next Division B Contest, which is held on the 26th in Nakameguro.

Area 26 includes many special kinds of clubs, such as corporate clubs, and an advanced club, so it was a valuable chance to share information.

Tall Tale Contest report

The first official Contest of this club was held on 21th September. This club is an English Club, however, the contest was held both in English and Japanese.

5 contestants attended English Contest. Their topics are about a Samurai, a pretty pet, the retirement of sumo wrestler, a special boyfriend, and John & Yoko. They made great stories beyond our imagination, and they really entertained the audiences.

The venue was Kantoku-tei which is located besides the well-known Japanese Garden, Koraku-en. We could see a beautiful garden from the window.

As for the Japanese part, 3 contestants attended. This time, the speech topics were about a pigeon, a love story lasting a millennium, and a story about a doppelganger. Each stories are also impressive.

After contest session, the Interview session started. Every speaker gave creative answers drawing from daily news, their own experience, and work.

Finally, Award presentation started and TM W. won both English and Japanese Contests ! However, she didn't accept the offer to go for the area contest(due to a perticular reason :-), TM Kato was elected to next contest !

We wish the best of luck to him as Cosmos TMC members.

Next meeting, Inhouse Tall Tale Contest

Paul Bunyan is a famous American Tall Tale
Toastmasters club has a speech contest twice a year, Spring and Autumn. Autumn contest has 4 themes (Tall Tales, Humor, Evaluation, Table Topics) rotating each year, and this year the theme is Tall Tales.

With making a Tall Tale (Horafuki-banashi), we practice storytelling and expressions, which are one of the most crucial elements of speeches and presentations.

This contest will be the very first contest after chartering as an official Toastmasters club.

CosmosTMC Tall Tale Contest

Date:9/21/2013 Sat. 13:00-15:30
Venue: Kantoku-tei Korakuen. (Japanese)

We'll always welcome any guests who have an interest of public speaking and leadership. We would be glad to hear from you with a contact form.