☆ Club Speech Contest ☆

 🎤🌸 The 199th meeting, Club Speech Contest was held with excellent contestants and kind guests! 🏆✨

The speeches of all the participants were really fascinating. We, the audience, and the staff had a good time together.
Contestants will be nominated for the "Area Contest" on March 13th. We hope to their success in the next stage aswell 🌟
見学参加、お気軽にお問合せください !

  🎤次回定例会は2月19日(土) 14:00~

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Cosmos TMC , Club speech contests ! (In - house)

We will conduct an Club speech contest on Saturday, 5th February at 2-4pm.

~クラブ スピーチコンテスト 開催~
The details of the contests are as follows: 開催要項:

Date: Saturday, 5th February 2022    2022年2月5日(土)
Venue: (Online) Zoom         Zoom開催
Time: 2-3 pm (English contest)      英語スピーチ 午後 2~3時
           3-4pm (Japanese contest)    日本語スピーチ 午後3~4時

Please contact us to join or ask more detail ! 詳細はお問い合わせください

What is ”Speech contest of Toast Masters Club”  「トーストマスターズクラブ・スピーチコンテストとは?」
https://youtu.be/w0oYLKlbiqE (ENG:20-21 District76 , International )

https://youtu.be/D0sHDMsYEPE (JPN:20-21ディストリクト76 日本語スピーチコンテスト第3位 )