Recent meeting schedule

【Recent meeting schedule】

We will have the regular meeting at different venue where we don't often use.Please be careful.

We always welcome your visit.If you come as guest  ,please let us know by the Contact form.

110th Regular meeting
@Shoseikaku / 松聲閣  (Edogawabashi Subway station)


Cosmos In-house contest report! 2018/2/17


インハウスコンテストという事でなんと9名ものゲストが来てくれました。今回初めてコンテスト委員長を務めるTM Tsubasaさんの開会の言葉で決戦の火蓋が落とされました。


1st Speaker TM Hirohisa

2nd Speaker TM Shigetaka

3rd TM Yuka

4th TM Yukako

5thTM Miao

1位 TM Miao
2位 TM Shigetaka 
3位 TM Yukao

1.  TM Shigetaka

2.  TM Yuka

3.  TM Tomoko

1TM Shigetaka
2TM Tomoko


TM Itaru

Recent meeting schedule

☆Recent meeting schedule☆

We will have the regular meeting at different venue where we don't often use.Please be careful.

We always welcome your visit.If you come as guest  ,please let us know by the Contact form.

109th Meeting[In-house Speech Contest] 
@ Academy Bunkyo ( Bunkyo Civic center ) Lecture room B1F/ 文京シビックセンター B1F (地下鉄後楽園駅)

110th Regular meeting 
@Shoseikaku / 松聲閣  (Edogawabashi Subway station)


Meeting report on 3rd February

Meeting No. 108
2018/2/3 14:00 - 16:00
Venue: Tokyo Voluntary Action Center (10th Floor)

Toastmaster of the day TM Tomoko

Best speaker TM Miao
Best evaluator TM Tamaho
Best table topic speaker TM Kenta (Guest )

■Prior to the meeting
At 13:30 to 14:00, there was already comfortable and friendly gathering in the venue for the meeting. Cosmos TMC is very well known to its friendliness. Members are busy in preparing for the meeting; setting up the PC/Projector, making sure if all the rolet, akers were on time and welcoming guests.

Funny Skit
On 14:00 sharp, Yuka-san, Ayako-san and Seiken-san performed a Yoshimoto Enterprize-like funny skit to introduce a new role was introduced; a Reaction Counter in order to activate the meeting.

1st Speaker;
Yukimasa-san showed us a real-time demo on a new video conferencing software; ZOOM, which enables people in distance connected. He demonstrated a virtual TMC meeting with testimonies of the participants in the past. I truly felt that it is a perfect device for a TMC meeting for busy people.

2nd Speaker;
Miao-san spoke about her first Bungee Jumping. Her story was so realistic and I felt  as if I were there at the jumping board with her. Her lesson was that there will be a way when we take a step forward with courage despite of any fear beforehand.
3rd Speaker;
Ryoko-san spoke about her challenge to change her behavior toward others. A little change we make shall cause the world surrounding us to be changed a bit by bit. I am always amazed that she does not use any note during her speech.
4th Speaker;
Yuka-san delivered a cute and interesting Rakugo-story. She used vocal variety to take on different personalities quite well. But I wonder why both the master and the servant thought that the toilet was the safest place to hide thing in the house.

Table Topics;
Shigetaka-san took the role right before the meeting to fill the vacancy. Thanks. His theme was the mind waiting for spring. Three speakers; Fuyo-san, a Guest (1st timer; Good try!!) , and Kento-san (a TM guest). Kento-san showed a good example of “Body speaks”.  
All the evaluators (Yasuo-san, Ken-san, Tamaho-san and Tsubasa-san)  did a great job, telling both good points and suggestions for further improvements. Both Yasuo-san and Tamaho-san explained these points using the words used in the speeches, which are convincing.

After regular meeting, we welcomed Pathways guide TM Koji from Sendai and he made a presentation about Pathways, new educational program of Toastmasters.We learned a lot.

Next meeting on 17th February will be Club Speech Contest !We will have totally 10 Contestants in English and Japanese.

Don’t miss the warm-hearted welcome from the members of Cosmos TMC when you visit one of these meetings!

Written by General Evaluator TM Mineko