Next meeting information (17th March )

☆Cosmos Toastmaster‘s next meeting is coming in this Saturday☆

Time & Date: Saturday,  17th March  at 2 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Tokyo Voluntary Action Center Access

We will have 5 years anniversary meeting.
Not formally but casually and warmly we
 will share this precious moment with cozy style.

Access from JR:

Get off at IIDABASHI Station of JR Sobu Line. Visit the building just in front of the station.
(20 storeys. You can see a large signboard of 'RAMLA' mall on it from the platform.)
Take an elevator to the 10th floor.

Access by Subway:

Get off at IIDABASHI Station, which means the Y13, T06, N10 or E06 station on either Y, T, N or E Line. Take the B2b Exit, then an elevator to the 10th floor.

We positively and activity enjoy learning  communication among others.Please feel free to join our meeting anytime♪


Cosmos TMC は5周年という節目を迎えます。「今回は通常例会の延長上に、アットホームにみなが無理なく楽しめる例会に」というコンセプトのもと、カジュアルにお祝いをします!



Meeting report on Mar. 3rd ,2018

Meeting report on Cosmos TMC Regular meeting on Mar. 3rd, 2018.

TMOD: TM Itaru

Best Speaker: TM Fuyo
Best Table Topcs Speaker: TM Mami, TM Tamaho
Best Evaluator: TM Hirohisa

We welcomed 1 guest today.

Cosmos TMC's 110th regular meeting was held at Shoseikaku located on Higo-Hosokawa Garden in Bunkyo-ku. While enjoying a beautiful view of Ume flower blossom in the garden, we had our meeting in a cozy atmosphere.

■Prepared Speech Session

1st Speaker: TM Fuyo My name is…”
Fuyo-san delivered her first speech in Cosmos TMC!!

She introduced herself by telling the story related to her name. The story why her grandfather named her as "Fuyo" was beautiful. She made very impressive Ice Breaker speech.

2nd Speaker: TM Kunito Welcome to La La La kugo Land

He introduced one of the famous Rakugo stories Koganemochi to convey how interesting Rakugo is. He sincerely conveyed his passion and love for Rakugo.

3rd Speaker: TM Shigetaka “新しい風景”
Contest Rehearsal

4th Speaker: TM Tomoko “言葉の力をイメージに“
Contest Rehearsal

■Table Topics Session
TM Yukimasa took a role of Table Topic Master and prepared interesting and timely topics for the session.

  1. What is your most remembering event in Hinamatsuri? (This question was answered by TM Mami.)
  2. From your perspective, how do you see “girly power”? (Answered by TM Chisako.)
  3. From your perspective, how do you see “girly power”? (Answered by TM Tamaho.)
  4. What does it mean “Kawaii” to you? (Answered by TM Ryoko.)
  5. Who is your princess? (Answered by today’s guest.)

After the Table Topics Session, we had two more speakers delivered their speeches.

5th Speaker: TM Yukako “Live each day”
Contest Rehearsal

6th Speaker: TM Shigetaka “The devil”
Contest Rehearsal

■Evaluation Session
Two evaluators (TM Ayako and TM Hirohisa) gave strong evaluations.
Both evaluators provided specific points that were good or need to be improved in prepared speeches.

Their comments were helpful not only for today’s prepared speakers but also for other members who will make their speeches in the future.

After the regular meeting, we had a fruitful feedback session for contestant speakers (TM Shigetaka, TM Tomoko, and TM Yukako).

All participants gave their feedback to them.
Shigetaka-san, Tomoko-san, and Yukako-san, we truly wish that you all do your best at the area contest!!!

If you are interested in our club activities, please feel free to come and visit us.

Cosmos TMC club is one of the best places to enhance and learn your communication and leadership skills.Let's learn together.

Report by TM Tamaho (General Evaluator)