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Meeting Report on 9/1

We cosmos TMC had regular meetings on 1st,Sep.
Let me shortly report them below ;)

■Regular MTG on 1st Sep♯120

TMOD: TM Yuka 
Word of the day :TM Kunito

Best Speaker:TM Sam
Best Evaluator:TM Mineko
Best Table Topic Speaker:TM Ken

Best speaker,TM Sam's speech was full of his passion as the President of our club this year.
His speech title was "Cosmos - Best Toastmasters Club in the World". 

Best evaluator, TM Mineko was a first one in our club to evaluate a speech with our 
new education program,Pathways.
She evaluated our new member,TM Akiko's speech !

Best table topic speaker, Ken delivered well organized speech
even though it was a non-prepared one.


We had a good beginning of this month!

Also,We are waiting your challenge for join our mtg and 

learn public speech and leadership skills!!!

Please check the schedule and contact us anytime ;)

Meeting schedule 

Meeting report on 4th & 18th Aug

Hello, today is the last day of August !
Did you enjoy this summer?
For me I can definitely say "Yes I did" !!
Hope you all could enjoy the last summer in Heisei(平成).

We cosmos TMC had regular meetings on 4th and 18th in this month.
Let me shortly report them below ;)

■Regular MTG on 4th Aug ♯119

TMOD: TM Shigetaka
Word of the day :TM Yukako

Best Speaker:TM Mineko
Best Evaluator:TM Tamaho
Best Table Topic Speaker:TM Akihiko   Mr Tom

■Regular MTG on 18th Aug ♯120

TMOD: TM Itaru
Word of the day :TM Hirohisa

Best Speaker:TM Fuyo
Best Evaluator:TM Hirohisa
Best Table Topic Speaker:TM Tsubasa


Both meeting were productive and effective. 
Regular member and welcoming guests could join the mtg actively.
I think we Cosmos TMC started our new year in a good way!
(※We started new academic year with new officers from this month)

Also,we are waiting your challenge for join our mtg and learn public speech and leadership skills!!!
Please check the schedule and contact us anytime ;)

Meeting schedule 

Meeting report on 21st July

Meeting report on 21st July

We had a great meeting with welcoming guests on this day !

TMOD: TM Miao 
Word of the day :TM Sam

Best speaker  TM Hirohisa
Best evaluator  TM Miao
Best table topics speaker TM Miao

■Prepared speech session

1st speaker  " Wedding in Hawaii " by TM Hirohisa
He delivered the speech about his trip to Hawaii for his daughter's wedding ceremony !

2nd speaker  " Up date your room " by TM Ryoko
She introduced the tips for trends in interior colors !

3rd speaker " Message from a small strange bird in Hawaii (Like a bird over troubled water) "  by TM Kunito
He introduced his trip to Hawaii with his favorite idol group.
We had two Hawaii speeches this day.

■The Summary 
We worked flexible and could supported each other even though we have less attendants than usual.
Besides prepared speech, we also enjoyed table topic session.
Table Topic master,TM Shigetaka took up a creative topic and that made the session productive I think.

We are looking forward to the next meeting!

Meeting schedule 

Meeting report on 7th July

From July Toastmaster‘s new term(one term is from July to next June) started with new club officers lead by President Sam!!

The first meeting in this term begun with TM Sam‘s encouraging ,motivational remarks and cozy atmosphere.

We welcomed seven guests.
Two members showed their will to join our club as member.

TMOD: TM Hiroe
Word of the day :Unusual 

Best speaker  TM Yukimasa 
Best evaluator  TM Momoyo
Best table topics speaker TM 

■Prepared speech session

1st speaker  "To see and to be able to see" by TM Shigetaka 

He presented  new perspective about "to see and to be able to see" based on his recent experience with some quotation and song.I felt appreciation and miracle for seeing aroud us and everything we can see.

2nd speaker  "3C Analysis" by TM Yukimasa 

He delivered the tips for valuable speech. He applied the famous marketing tool "3C analysis" to speech. He focused  on contents, audience‘s need,  what speaker can offer showing  example. 

3rd speaker "Clean up!"  by TM Itaru

He introduced tips for cleaning up room showing famous bestseller  "The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up /人生がときめく片付けの魔法" and his experience.The hints were gathering one category at one area and deciding what we want to keep.His presentation was well organized with humor.

4th speaker Humorous speech  by TM Mineko

She delivered entertaining speech despite almost  
extemporaneous presentation with cheerful and calm attitude using lots of humor.I cannot believe that speech was less prepared because her delivery was natural and fluently.

■The Summary 
All role-takers introduced ,supported and reported well and I think guests were able to follow.

In Table topics session, Topics Master TM Ryoko  facilitated enjoyable time with seasonable question and good time management.During this TT session we can enhance extemporaneous presentation skill and non-speakers or light role-takers (sometimes guests ) can have opportunity to speak.

In Evaluation session, each individual evaluator presented good feedback for speakers recognizing their strength ,effectiveness and suggestion for much better performance.

We Toastmasters have no teacher , so those feedback during Evaluation session and by comments sheets is important for our further improvement.

After regular meeting, smash suprise recognition for former officers took place.Thank you.

How about learning communication and leadership with us on 1st and 3rd Saturday?We always welcome your visit.

Please check the meeting schedule and contact us before visiting us.

Meeting schedule 

Recent meeting schedule

☆Let‘s grow together on 1st and 3rd Saturday☆

How about learning communication and leadership in English at Iidabashi?Here we can practice with wonderful members!

Please feel feel to visit us if you have interest.

We can check our meeting report and schedule by our club website

Cosmos Toastmasters Club Website

■Our meeting schedule
7/21  #118th Regular meeting -Atlas Edogawa apartment

8/4   #119th Regular meeting -Tokyo Volunteer Active Center Room A

We sometimes  hold the regular meeting at different venue.Please be careful.

Please check the page of "meeting schedule " as for our meeting schedule and venue.

■Meeting Schedule&Venue

We always welcome your visit!

There is good opportunity to practice communication and leadership skill safely and cheerfully.

Recent meeting schedule

☆Welcome to Cosmos☆

7/7  #117th Regular meeting -Atlas Edogawa apartment  *New term starts(2018.7-2019.6)  

7/21  #118th Regular meeting -Atlas Edogawa apartment 

8/4   #118th Regular meeting -Tokyo Volunteer Active Center Room A

We sometimes  hold the regular meeting at different venue.Please be careful.

Please check the page of "meeting schedule " as for our meeting schedule and venue.

■Meeting Schedule&Venue 


We always welcome your visit.

There is good opportunity to practice communication skill safely and cheerfully.

Meeting report on 16th June

Cosmos Toastmasters Club
Dated: 2018/6/16
Meeting Number: 116
Venue: @Atlas Edogawa Apartment House

Thanks to all the members and guests for making our club successful.

This was the very last meeting in the 2017-2018 Term: Cosmos Club’s fifth year.  It was the perfect timing for each one of us to review what we have done in the year and plan how our next term will look like.

New officers‘ installation ceremony was hold by incoming Area 25 director TM Yoshiko

Best speaker  TM Yukako 
Best Evaluator TM Tamaho
Best Table topic speaker TM Sam
Educational Session

Opening: TM Yuka has given the warm-hearted opening addresses throughout the term. She has been constant, reliable, and not been afraid of any challenges confronting the club.
Voice Training: TM Itaru introduced an interactive session among members, which was fun; meeting up a person next to you and interview why he/she joins Cosmos TMC.

TMOD: TM Hirohisa was fully prepared with passion and empowered members to get started with Pathways.

Word Of the Day: TM Eisuke picked up “Unusual” and an unusual term, “sea squirt”
Grammarian: TM Yoshiko, Area 24 Director kindly took the role despite of its short notice. Thank you for your kind support and contribution!

Prepared Speech Session:
1st Speaker: “Invitation to Solo Travel” by TM Tsubasa , sharing his travel experience and how to meet nice people

2nd Speaker: “What is Trademark” by TM Ken, explaining the difference between Trademark and logo in a professional manner.

3rd Speaker: “That’s Why I am Here” by TM Yukako, a perfect summing up what TM means and how the club activities have affected her.

4th Speaker: “Importance of building a consensus ” by TM Kazuki, talked about tips and importance of making consensus in the workplace.

Table Topics by TM Asaka
She gave us seasonable and good topics.Guests were also invited to try it out.

Evaluation Session:
All the evaluators; TM Chisako, TM Igarashi, TM Sasaki and TM Kishigami, demonstrated good examples of evaluation covering the following points;

1. Stating the outline of the evaluation such as; “three good points and one improvement point”,  
2. Refraining the line used in the speaker’s speech, which remind the audience and reinforce the evaluator’s points to make.
3. Personalized comment was logically presented

The last regular meeting in this term was successfully adjourned.Hope we create fruitful learning place from next term , July continuously.

Cosmos toastmasters members enjoy learning together.We always welcome your visit.

Report by General Evaluator TM Mineko