Meeting Report of 167th Regular Meeting on October 3, 2020

 We had a regular meeting on ZOOM on Oct 3rd.

Word of the day is "remember”.

TM Katow intoroduced this word with nostalgic story.

3 speakers delivered their prepared speeches at the meeting.

Toastmaster of the day: TM Hisako

She took a role for the first time in a long time. But she managed this meeting. Great job!

Best Speaker Award: TM Hiroe

She talked about the reason to join TMC and learning manything in this club. Congratulations!

Best Table Topics Award: Yukako.K

The question is "Where do you buy your clothes?"

She bought her cloth on web site but she felt that cloth is different material what she thought.  

So she usually go to shopping mall near her home. 

Best Evaluator Award: TM Fuyo

She evaluated TM Hiroe’s speech.

She evaluated good point for example, the handg jesture snap finger  and suggest improvement point.

The next meeting will be held on ZOOM on October 16th .


We welcome you to join us to learn public speech and leadership skills!

Please check the schedule and contact us anytime.