Meeting Report of 146th Regular Meeting on October19, 2019

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We, cosmos TMC, had the 146th regular meeting on October 19, 2019.
This is our short report of the meeting.

Toastmaster of the day: TM Itaru 
He brought his book titled "Eigo no Hinkaku".  He recommended all members to read the book for improving their English conversation skills.  He enhanced to use simple English for good presentation.

Best Prepared Speaker: TM Nicole
Her speech title is "Listen to Your Own Voice"
She talked about her vacation.  She introduced her to a fun journey with her husband and experience.

Best Evaluator: TM Fuyo
He evaluated TM Yuma's prepared speech.
She pointed 3 good points visual material, structure, useful information.  She suggested that 

Best Table Topic Speaker: Yotsu san
This is the second time to attend our club.  The question for him is the book that he likes.  He answered these are novels.  Because novels give him inspiration.

The next meeting will be held at ATLAS Edogawa Apartment House in Iidabashi on November 2.


We welcome you to join us to learn public speech and leadership skills!

Please check the schedule and contact us anytime.