English and Japanese Speech Contest on February 2nd,2019

On 2nd,Feb we successfully held the English and Japanese Speech Contest.
All the contestants delivered well-prepared outstanding speeches and increased other members' motivation.

Let me review the all the contestants with their titles.

1st place TM Yuka Kishigami - The struggle
2nd place TM Hirohisa Yamaguchi - A New Toastmaster’s Promise
3rd place TM Shigetaka Katow - Message

TM Kunito Ohba - The seacret of the Sun Tower
TM Kazutoshi Hida - Online English Lesson
TM Masahisa Wada - Embarrassing experiences

TM Yuka Kishigami delivered a speech about the struggle in daily life with people around based on real experience. I was touched by her speech in an effective way.

After all the speeches were over, interviewer TM Itaru Mori interviewed all the contestants on how to complete their  speeches, details about the contents and so on.

1st and 2nd place of contestants,TM Yuka Kishigami and TM Hirohisa Yamaguchi will participate in the area speech contest will held in the end of this month.

Also we had two contestants in Japanese.
1st place TM Shigetaka Kato -
2nd place TM Yuka Kishigami - メッセージ

They will participate in the area contest as a Japanese contestant.
Hope Good luck to all of you .