Recent Meetings Report

We cosmos TMC had regular meetings in Oct-Nov.
Let me shortly report it below.

■Regular MTG on 20th Oct  ♯124

TMOD: TM Sam Mchombo
Word of the day :TM Takahiro Ehata

Best Speaker:TM Mineko Taniguchi
Best Evaluator:TM Hiroko Orita
Best Table Topic Speaker:TM Hirohisa Yamaguchi


■Regular MTG on 3rd Nov  ♯125

TMOD: TM Ken Taguchi
Word of the day :TM Kunito Ohba

Best Speaker:TM Akihiko Hitomi
Best Evaluator:TM Tamaho Sasaki

■Regular MTG on 17th Nov  ♯126

TMOD: TM Tamaho Sasaki
Word of the day :TM Shinsaku Kitano

Best Speaker:TM Sam Mchombo
Best Evaluator:TM Shigetaka Katow
Best Table Topic Speaker:TM Masahisa Wada


 We Cosmos Toast Masters Club has been growing with many experienced members 
and new members who has just started the challenge with us.
Also we are planning to have an year-end party in the next month.

Also,We are waiting your challenge for joining us and 

learning public speech and leadership skills!!!

Please check the schedule and contact us anytime ;)

Meeting schedule