Meeting Report on 9/15

We cosmos TMC had regular meetings on 15th,Sep.
Let me shortly report it below.

■Regular MTG on 15th Sep  ♯121

TMOD: TM Chisako
Word of the day :TM Kunito

Best Speaker:TM Akihiko
Best Evaluator:TM Itaru
Best Table Topic Speaker:TM Mami

The best Speaker on that day was TM Akihiko Hitomi.
We were amazed by his ice-breaking speech which was humorous and well-organized.
He successfully finished his first challenge in COSMOS TMC !

The best Evaluator, TM Itaru evaluated TM Akihiko's Speech based on the points
which instructed in the manual.
His evaluation includes great praise and encouragement  to the speaker.

The best table topic speaker was TM Mami.
She answered to the Table Topic, "which do you like a book or E-book?".
Her speech was easy to understand because of the good organization
even though it was non-prepared one.


We had a good mtg today with regular member and honorable guests.

Also,We are waiting your challenge for join our mtg and 

learn public speech and leadership skills!!!

Please check the schedule and contact us anytime ;)

Meeting schedule