Next meeting information (17th March )

☆Cosmos Toastmaster‘s next meeting is coming in this Saturday☆

Time & Date: Saturday,  17th March  at 2 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Tokyo Voluntary Action Center Access

We will have 5 years anniversary meeting.
Not formally but casually and warmly we
 will share this precious moment with cozy style.

Access from JR:

Get off at IIDABASHI Station of JR Sobu Line. Visit the building just in front of the station.
(20 storeys. You can see a large signboard of 'RAMLA' mall on it from the platform.)
Take an elevator to the 10th floor.

Access by Subway:

Get off at IIDABASHI Station, which means the Y13, T06, N10 or E06 station on either Y, T, N or E Line. Take the B2b Exit, then an elevator to the 10th floor.

We positively and activity enjoy learning  communication among others.Please feel free to join our meeting anytime♪


Cosmos TMC は5周年という節目を迎えます。「今回は通常例会の延長上に、アットホームにみなが無理なく楽しめる例会に」というコンセプトのもと、カジュアルにお祝いをします!