Regular Meeting on Nov. 7th

Regular meeting was held at Atlas Edogawa Apartment House on yesterday, Nov. 7th.
With one guest, and thanks to TMOD Kishigami-san's dedicated preparation, the meeting was held very successfully. We had a "Good & News" session for the first time, which each of us share a recent good & news story among a small group of 3 members each. It gave each of us more opportunity to practice English.
The Best Table Topics Speaker was Mr. Takeuchi.
The Best Evaluator was Ms. Konishi.
The Best Speaker was Ms. Watanabe, who shared her wedding ceremony & honeymoon story!

1名のゲストの参加があり、またTMODを務めた岸上さんの熱心な準備のおかげでとても良い例会になりました。3名ごとのグループに分かれて各自の最近の良い話&ニュースをシェアする”Good & News”というセッションが初めて取り入れられました。各自がより多く英語を練習する良い機会になりました。