Meeting Report on 19th May

Meeting report on 114th Cosmos TMC Regular meeting on May. 19th, 2018.

TMOD: TM Tsubasa

Best Speaker: TM Miao
Best Table Topcs Speaker: Yuta Ito san
Best Evaluator: TM Sam

We welcomed 6 guests today. TM Chika Hisamatsu, Akiko , Yuta , TM Megumi , Shohei , Eita 

The meeting was held at Atlas Edogawa Apartment room 153.

■Opening Remarks & Guest introduction
Encouraging opening remarks and cheerful guest introduction were made.

■Icebreaking session - Voice training
Beauty and the beast

■Business session
Next meeting will be the first Japanese meeting as an experimental challenge

■Club Officer Election
Smoothly conducted by TM Yuka and TM Shigetaka.

The nominated candidates were;
TM Sam - President
TM Hirohisa - VPE
TM Yukako - VPM
TM Mami - VPPR
TM Tamaho - Secretary
TM Ryoko - Treasurer
TM Itaru - SAA

Campaign speech for the candidate of President was delivered by TM Mineko.
All nominated candidates were elected.
Elected candidate delivered 2-minute speeches.
TM Sam told the importance of challenge and purpose.
TM Hirohisa shared his commitment to Pathways launch.
TM Yukako shared her intention to welcome guests.
TM Mami shared her confidence.
TM Ryoko shared her idea to let the meetings enjoyable.
Installation ceremony will be conducted on June 16th.

■Word of the day, "Jolly" by TM Hirohisa, introduced by Mary Poppins. 

■Prepared Speech Session
1st Speaker: TM Miao “Pay forward”
She shared the meaning of "pay forward" and that can be connected with her toastmasters experiences. She strongly delivered her intention to support the people through toastmasters.

2nd Speaker: TM Hisako “Come back”
She shared her experiences of failed choices and the moment she learned the importance of the life itself. She shared coming back is a courageous action.

3rd Speaker: TM Yuka “Just do it”
She shared the experience when she had an audition for a musical play. Also, she connected the experience to go into "Pathways" to conclude we should just do it. 

4th Speaker: TM Eisuke “My navigator“
He shared his father's story as his navigator in life. He demonstrated his strong will to work abroad or work with foreign countries.

■Table Topics Session
TM Mami conducted this session from her personal interests, which was not so appropriate as table topic session.
TM Hiroe did fine job when she was appointed to speak.
Yuta san(Guest) also did fantastic job.

■Evaluation Session
1st Evaluator: TM Seiken demonstrated his gentleness and strength by focusing on evaluator role which he had been assigned.

2nd Evaluator: TM Mineko evaluated the speech mainly from the perspective of contents by adding her sense of humor.

3rd Evaluator: TM Sam evaluated in precise manner by sharing how to deliver in alternative way with his sense of humor.

4th Evaluator: TM Yukako evaluated the speech by referring to the three major well-done points.
All evaluator encouraged the speakers and added some improvement points with gentle mind.

Cosmos welcomed 6 guests with warm atmosphere.

Especially we welcomed TM Chika, who is the second time District Champion. It was really honorable moment for us all.

And we welcomed Numata family and they appreciated for our attitude in sincere mind.
Cosmos is always open to anyone and show full acceptance.

If you are interested in our club activities, please feel free to come and visit us.

Cosmos TMC club is one of the best places to enhance and learn your communication and leadership skills.Let's learn together.

Report by TM Yukimasa (General Evaluator)