Next meeting information!

Time & Date: Saturday, 5th November at 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Chiyoda City Fujimi Community Center / 

Address:1-6-7, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0071 / 

Access from Iidabashi Station:

• JR line - 5-minute walk from West Exit of Iidabashi Station
• Tokyo-Metoro - 5-minute walk from B2a Exit of Iidabashi Station
• Oedo subway line - 5-minute walk from B2a Exit of Iidabashi Station
Please join our meeting and let’s have fantastic time!
We cosmos are always waiting for new comer!



日時 11月5日(土)14:00〜16:00
住所:〒102-0071 東京都千代田区富士見1-6-7
アクセス:• JRからお越しの場合 - 飯田橋駅西口から徒歩約5分です。
• 都営大江戸線、東京メトロ各線 - B2b」出口から徒歩約5分です。


Meeting report on 15th Octorber

We held regular meeting at Tokyo volunteer center on 15th October 2016.
We welcomed 5 guests and they seemed they enjoyed with us.
Also we had an induction ceremony for 2 new members.

Toastmaster of the Day: TM Zou Miao
The Best Evaluator: TM Yasuhide Sugimoto
The Best TT Speaker: TM One of our honors guests
The Best Speaker: TM Hisako Kobayashi

We had 5 Speakers in this meeting .
It’s amazing that 3 members of them are new members and they made “Ice breaking speech”!
I realized again we Cosmos met new best friends!

1st Speaker TM Hisako Kobayashi  / Speech title [Pokemon Go!]

She was so relax that we couldn’t believe that it was her first speech!
She spoke to us about herself though her experience using keyword “Pokenmon”.

2nd Speaker TM Orita Hiroko/ Speech title [Why I decided to join TMC ]

She spoke calmly about herself with a nice smile ,controling her nervouseness.
I think her speach reminded us of our each original perpose!

3rd Speaker TM Momoyo Saito / Speech title [ Small could make cool ]

No.13 is sometime treated as evil number in european country.
But in her case, it's very lucky number. She told three stories related No.13, and told us importance of relationship with foreign people.
We deeply impressed her warm but strong messages.

4th Speaker TM Masamichi Koizumi / Speech title [Strange things]

As titled, he showes us “starange things” using a projector!
He softened the meeting atmosphere and atracted the member to his world.

5th Speaker TM Kunito Ohba /Speech titile [where I came from & where I am going to]

He introduced about himself politely so that we members could know about him.
Even though it was his first speach, he made us enjoy with wit.


We had 5 Speakers in this meeting .
It’s amazing that 3 members of them are new members and they made “Ice breaking speech”!
I realized again we Cosmos met new best friends!
If I named this meeting, I would neme it “ challenging meeting”!
Becaouse there were a lot of unsual things and almost members challenged new roles which they had never experienced before.
All members prepared for their roles very well and carried out each responsibilities.
The meeting was full of the power of concentraition and feeling of cooperation.
I’m sure we Cosmos members influence each other in good ways!
We cosmos are always wating for new comer!
Let’s trying to speech!

Next meeting 10/15th 2016

Next meeting's information!

Time & Date: Saturday, 15th October  at 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Tokyo Voluntary Action Center Access 

Access from JR:

Get off at IIDABASHI Station of JR Sobu Line. Visit the building just in front of the station. 
(20 storeys. You can see a large signboard of 'RAMLA' mall on it from the platform.) 
Take an elevator to the 10th floor.

Access by Subway:

Get off at IIDABASHI Station, which means the Y13, T06, N10 or E06 station on either Y, T, N or E Line. Take the B2b Exit, then an elevator to the 10th floor.

Please feel free to join our meeting anytime.