Cosmos Toastmaster‘s next meeting is coming in this Saturday☆

Time & Date: Saturday,  3rd February at 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Tokyo Voluntary Action Center Access

In this time we have "Pathways"'s Instruction from 4 pm. Pathways is the new educational program of toastmasters introduced in April. Don't miss it!

Access from JR:

Get off at IIDABASHI Station of JR Sobu Line. Visit the building just in front of the station.
(20 storeys. You can see a large signboard of 'RAMLA' mall on it from the platform.)
Take an elevator to the 10th floor.

Access by Subway:

Get off at IIDABASHI Station, which means the Y13, T06, N10 or E06 station on either Y, T, N or E Line. Take the B2b Exit, then an elevator to the 10th floor.

We positively and activity enjoy learning  communication among others.Please feel free to join our meeting anytime♪





Meeting report on 20th January

Cosmos TMC 107th Regular Meeting was successfully adjourned on 20th January !

TMOD :TM Hirohisa 

Best Speaker : TM Miao 
Best Table Topic : TM Tamaho 
Best Evaluator : TM Seiken 

We welcomed a guest from Tokyo ESS!!
Thank you!

1st Speaker : TM Suguru ”Opportunity is Everywhere”

2nd Speaker:TM Ken “Ask!"

3rd Speaker:TM Yuka “Shock"

4th Speaker:TM Miao  “Can you drive?"

Table Topics
 “ Experience regarding coldness, hotness, and warmth"

Table Topic Master Momoyoさんからの「寒さ」「暑さ」「暖かさ」に関する質問。日本は四季があるから誰もが体験したことがあるはず!グッドチョイスなトピックスでしたね!いつも笑顔で盛り上げありがとうございます!


TMOD (司会)Hirohisaさんの美しい発音によるキレキレの進行!笑いあふれるスピーチ!メンバー皆、とてもリラックスしてスピーチを楽しめたのではないでしょうか♬

Although it was a very cold day, our meeting room was warm, full of friendly atmosphere.

We happily made up for role absences and the meeting was conducted very well by TMOD.Also there was a lot of laugher! We had a couple of motions to settle after the meeting but they were peacefully discussed and settled. I am so thankful for club officers who prepared for this business session!!



まさにOpportunity is everywhere!


Next meeting : February 3rd (Sat.) from 2p.m-4p.m. @ Tokyo Voluntary Action Center near Iidabashi station


We are very looking forward to seeing you!!
Let's make progress together !

Written by TM Ayako

Meeting report on 2018/1/6!

COSMOS Toastmasters meeting #106 held at the Chiyoda-ku Kudan-Ue meeting room #A on 1/6/2018

TMoD: TM Seiken

Best Speaker: TM Momoyo
Best Evaluator: TM Mao
Best Table-Topics Speaker: Miao

We entertained 10 guests.
Voice Training was conducted by TM Ken using ‘Honesty’.
The Induction Ceremony for Fuyo was conducted by TM Yasuo. Fuyo’s membership was approved by the meeting.

Table-Topics Session:
TM Kunito conducted the session.
1.       ‘What is your new year’s resolution?’ given to TM Maki
2.       ‘What is your new year’s dream?’ given to TM Yukako
3.       ‘What kind of animal do you want to keep as pet’ given to TM Miao

Speech Session: Three speeches were presented.
1.       ‘Thought of the east and west’ given by TM Shigataka
Referring to the recorded sayings of Confucius and Jesus, he reminded us of the current worldwide chaos caused by the ignorant world leaders.
2.       ‘Thank you!’ given by TM Momoyo
Using statistics, she inspired us of how rarely we use the phrase ‘thank you’ in our lives and how we complicate our human relationship by overlooking its use, which tend to occur more often as we get older.
3.       ‘Next!’ given by TM Reiko (invited)
By her power of narrative, she described the hardship she had experienced in her English dialogues at her workplace to us. Her message reminded us of the challenge and opportunity we can find everywhere.

Evaluation of the speeches was given by:
1.       TM Miao
2.       TM Mineko
3.       TM Mao

After the regular meeting, a ‘Speech Workshop’ was presented by TM Reiko (invited)
She explained us how she had organized her contest speech: structured three topics and subtopics that support each topic. She recommended us to write down speech in text and examine it well. She also referred to the use of narrative skill to do a double-take for the audience. Her talk was very informative. Thank you, Reiko-san.

Next Meeting information (6th January)

Happy new year!

I'd like to inform you the next Cosmos meeting.

Next meeting will be held 6th January on Saturday at Kudanue Shukaishitsu, Room A.
NOTE:The venue is the different place as usual.please be careful.


次回例会は、1月6日(土曜日)14:00-16:00@九段上集会室 洋室A です。
Google Map→


Time & Date: 2018/1/6 (Saturday) at 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Venue: 九段上集会室洋室A(Kudanue Shukaishitsu RoomA)

 15 minutes walk from Ichigaya station or
 13 minutes walk from Kudanshita station or
 13 minutes walk from Hanzomon station or
 3 minutes walk from Kudan 3Chome Bus station.


Adress;2-9-6, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,102-0074

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Many thanks!