Meeting report on 16th June

Cosmos Toastmasters Club
Dated: 2018/6/16
Meeting Number: 116
Venue: @Atlas Edogawa Apartment House

Thanks to all the members and guests for making our club successful.

This was the very last meeting in the 2017-2018 Term: Cosmos Club’s fifth year.  It was the perfect timing for each one of us to review what we have done in the year and plan how our next term will look like.

New officers‘ installation ceremony was hold by incoming Area 25 director TM Yoshiko

Best speaker  TM Yukako 
Best Evaluator TM Tamaho
Best Table topic speaker TM Sam
Educational Session

Opening: TM Yuka has given the warm-hearted opening addresses throughout the term. She has been constant, reliable, and not been afraid of any challenges confronting the club.
Voice Training: TM Itaru introduced an interactive session among members, which was fun; meeting up a person next to you and interview why he/she joins Cosmos TMC.

TMOD: TM Hirohisa was fully prepared with passion and empowered members to get started with Pathways.

Word Of the Day: TM Eisuke picked up “Unusual” and an unusual term, “sea squirt”
Grammarian: TM Yoshiko, Area 24 Director kindly took the role despite of its short notice. Thank you for your kind support and contribution!

Prepared Speech Session:
1st Speaker: “Invitation to Solo Travel” by TM Tsubasa , sharing his travel experience and how to meet nice people

2nd Speaker: “What is Trademark” by TM Ken, explaining the difference between Trademark and logo in a professional manner.

3rd Speaker: “That’s Why I am Here” by TM Yukako, a perfect summing up what TM means and how the club activities have affected her.

4th Speaker: “Importance of building a consensus ” by TM Kazuki, talked about tips and importance of making consensus in the workplace.

Table Topics by TM Asaka
She gave us seasonable and good topics.Guests were also invited to try it out.

Evaluation Session:
All the evaluators; TM Chisako, TM Igarashi, TM Sasaki and TM Kishigami, demonstrated good examples of evaluation covering the following points;

1. Stating the outline of the evaluation such as; “three good points and one improvement point”,  
2. Refraining the line used in the speaker’s speech, which remind the audience and reinforce the evaluator’s points to make.
3. Personalized comment was logically presented

The last regular meeting in this term was successfully adjourned.Hope we create fruitful learning place from next term , July continuously.

Cosmos toastmasters members enjoy learning together.We always welcome your visit.

Report by General Evaluator TM Mineko