Meeting Report of 153th Regular Meeting on February 15, 2020

We had a regular meeting at Tokyo Voluntary Action Center in Iidabashi on February 15th.

3 speakers delivered their prepared speeches at the meeting.

The 1st speaker
TM Fuyo Ueno

Title: How many colors do you think there are in a rainbow?

Summary: Showing various slides, she explained our perspective on the surrounding world is determined by two kinds of elements : common sense and our own senses at the same time. She urged the balance of them is important and encouraged to make the best use of our own original sense rather than relying on only the conventional idea, so that we will be able to see the world differently.

The 2nd speaker
TM Tsubasa Shimano

Title: Two keys for Japan to succeed in the inbound tourism business.

Summary: In the last few years, inbound tourists have increased in Japan, he proposed how measures Japan should take to raise the number of foreign tourists.

The 3rd speaker
TM Yasushi Osonoi

Tittle: My leadership Style

Summary: He introduced what his leadership style is through his experiences in his life.

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Finally, we decided to cancel the next regular meeting on March 7th because of preventive measures for the spread of coronavirus.