Meeting report on 7th January!

We held our first regular meeting of the new year at Tokyo volunteer center on 7th January 2017.

We welcomed 1 guest today.

Toastmaster of the Day: TM Mchombo

The word of the Day : Phenomenal

The Best Table Topics Speaker: TM Yamaguchi(Guest)

The Best Evaluator: TM Koga

The Best Speaker: TM Sugimoto

1st Speaker TM Kobayashi  / Speech title [ Why do you want to go abroad? ]


She told us the reason and the value of going abroad ,using the data, own experience and concrete example.It gave us a lot of fun and tips
2nd Speaker TM  Katow  / Speech title [ Bright Penelope ]

ギリシア神話に登場するQueen Penelopeについて、語り部の演出からスタートし、Mentor・Tutorの語源につながるエピソードを交えながら語ってくださいました。

He performed as storyteller in introduction and delivered the historical speech about the  Bright "Penelope" introducing the words "Mentor" and "Tutor".

3rd Speaker TM  Watanabe/ Speech title [ Let's try GE!]


She gave us the points of coaching to inspire the  achievement of the goal, picking up the hot issue in our club with role playing. It was full of joy and tips.

4th Speaker TM Sugimoto/ Speech title [ The original version of "Go when you hesitate"]


He delivered  powerful message "Go forward  even though we hesitate" , inspiring the audience with his personal episodes, visual aid and humor.

Thank you all for phenomenal speeches!


キング牧師の名スピーチ " I have a dream "を素材にしたボイストレーニングや、新年にまつわるお題が展開されたテーブルトピックス(即題スピーチ)が楽しい雰囲気で展開され、場が温まりました。






The first regular meeting in the new year was successfully adjourned!

In this time we had seasonal topics, phenomenal speeches, comments, and evaluations.

We'll have the next meeting on 21st  January.

How about new trial in our club?Here we have learning place and phenomenal fellows in Cosmos TMC.We always welcome you!

■Please feel free to join us and contact us.見学などお問い合せはこちらから