Christmas meeting was held on December 19th

We held Christmas meeting at Hotel Edmond.

Mr. Takeuchi played the role of Toastmaster of the Day.

We exchanged Christmas gifts and gave 1 minute speeches about them.

Mr. Koga and Dr. Katow performed special performance for this Christmas meeting.

The Best Table Topics Speaker was Ms. Aoi.
The Best Evaluator was Ms. Taniguchi.
The Best 1 minute Speaker was Ms. In.
The Best Entertainer was Mr. Koga.

Induction Ceremony of Ms. Sato and Mr. Yano was also held. Why not join Cosmos Toastmasters Club and brush up your communication skill together!? 

ホテル エドモンドでクリスマスパーティを開催しました。前会長の佐川さんが今年1年のコスモス トーストマスターズクラブの活動を総括した後、おいしい料理とクリスマスプレゼント交換会・スペシャルパフォーマンスを楽しみました。